Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ARC Review: Consume Me (Ravage MC #3) by Ryan Michele

Prospect Andrew “Tug” Tugger wants two things.

One, to become a member of the Ravage Motorcycle Club, and two, Blaze, the sexy brunette whose eyes set him on fire.

Only one of those things is under his control, and he is done waiting.

It’s time to take what he wants.

Blaze has been running from her tragic past for over four years. She is finally feeling settled, after stripping her way through school and building a life in Sumner, her first safe haven. She keeps everyone at arm’s length, afraid to let anyone discover the secrets she holds within.

Tug sets out to make Blaze his, but will someone get burned in the process?

Will Blaze run again when her new world is threatened?

Or will she allow Tug to consume her?

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4 Stars
I  call dibs on Tug!

Consume Me is another hot, action-packed, bad ass MC book addition to Ravage Me series. 

Blaze is a sassy stripper at X, but she's got the brains. She's hiding from her past and found a new life, under a new name by the help of Princess. No one knows what she's running from or why. 

Tug is a Prospect for Ravage and soon to be patched in. He's loyal to the Club and willing to watch his brothers' backs. And Tug has been intrigued with Blaze over time and there's been lots of flirting between the two, but nothing more. But he is determined to change that. Breaking down Blaze's walls has Tug being more persistent. He knows she's hiding from something or someone and that just makes him protective over her. 

I love the back and forth between these two characters. And the sexual tension between them is HOT! One minute Blaze can't stand him, but the next she just can't keep her thoughts and hands to herself. 

Consume me is filled with lots dirty talking, some pole-dancing and plenty of surprises and suspense. The Ravage club business is always full of action and OMG moments. And I love reading more about Princess, Cruz and the others!

And that end (no it's not cliffy, Tug and Blaze story ends with their perfect MC HEA)--it just causes a "huh?" moment, which makes me wanting the next book in this series!  

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