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Goodbye Paradise (Hello Goodbye #1) by Sarina Bowen

Most people called it a cult. But for twenty years, Josh and Caleb called it home. 

In Paradise, there is no television. No fast food. Just long hours of farm work and prayer on a dusty Wyoming ranch, and nights in a crowded bunkhouse. The boys of the Compound are kept far from the sinners’ world. 

But Joshua doesn’t need temptation to sin. His whole life, he’s wanted his best friend, Caleb. By day they work side by side. Only when Josh closes his eyes at night can they be together the way he craves. 

It can never be. And his survival depends on keeping his terrible desires secret.

Caleb has always protected Josh against the worst of the bullying at the Compound. But he has secrets of his own, and a plan to get away — until it all backfires. 

Josh finds himself homeless in a world that doesn’t want him. Can Caleb find him in time? And will they find a place of safety, where he can admit to Josh how he really feels? 

Warning: Contains a hot male/male romance, copious instances of taking the Lord's name in vain, and love against the kitchen counter. This book was previously released under the title: In Front of God & Everyone.

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5 Hot Paradise Stars

Wow! This book is amazing. I'm a huge fan of this author's work and I have to say Goodbye Paradise is probably now my favorite read from her. And one of my top reads of 2017. Goodbye Paradise is unique, heartbreaking, eye-opening and just hot, hot, hot! 

You read or hear about those "cult" compounds in the news, but you never know much about them. And now I really wonder (and wouldn't be surprised) the craziness that could go on. Josh and Caleb were raised in the Paradise Compound and it's the only life they know. They were raised that everything in the outside world is a sin. And even more of sin would be the attraction that Josh has for his best friend, Caleb. 

When Josh gets kicked out of the compound, he's left struggling alone in the real world. Alone with no money and no sense of reality of the real world. And his savior is Caleb, because he promised that whatever happens, Caleb will go to him and they will both runaway together.

When Josh and Caleb leave the compound, they are faced with reality of their next steps in life (where to go) and their growing feelings for each other. Josh has tried so hard to hid his "sinful" feelings towards Caleb, but growing up in the compound, he believed it was all wrong. That's until Caleb shows him differently.

Josh and Caleb end up finding a former friend, Maggie, who escaped from their compound years ago. Maggie and her husband owns a farm and has open their door to help Paradise kids get back on their feet after fleeing the cult. 

Goodbye Paradise takes you through the Josh and Caleb's struggle of living in the "real" world and how to handle their love for each other. A fantastic read that is hot, hot, hot between these two!

Shade's Lady (Reapers MC #6.5) by Joanna Wylde

New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club… 

Looking back, none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could’ve walked away from him if I’d had it with me.

Or maybe not. 

Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would’ve found another way. Probably—if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me. 

Right from the first. 

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 “You’re full of sh*t!” I said, waving my hand grandly. My drink sloshed and I licked the side of the cup, because this whiskey was way too good to waste even a single drop. “Wonder Woman is better than Batman. She’s got real power, not just fancy toys. Although she has those, too, which means anything Batman can do, she can do better.”
  “Nope,” Shade said, shaking his head seriously. “She’s hot, I’ll give her that, but he’d take her in a fair fight.”
I held up a hand for him to wait as I polished off my booze.
  “No way. She’s a goddess of war and she’s one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in history. She’s got an invisible jet, for God’s sake. How can you compete with that? All he has is a bunch of money and the stupid Batmobile.”
  “Hand over the cup,” Shade said, narrowing his eyes.
  “Why?” I asked, narrowing mine right back. I was good and drunk now, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to be done for the night.
  “Demonstration,” he replied. “C’mon. Or are you chicken?”
  “What are we, kindergartners?”
  “You’re the one insisting Wonder Woman can take Batman,” he replied. “Chicken.”
Then he leaned toward me, raising a single finger to poke me in the center of my chest. Not copping a feel or anything remotely sexual, either. This was pure taunt. I handed him the cup and he tossed it on the floor, nearly falling off the bed in the process. I smirked—guess I wasn’t the only drunk one. Then he started listing to the side and I lunged for him, grabbing his shirt to keep him from going over.
Shade caught my arm, using the momentum to pull me onto his body with sudden force. My hands hit his chest and I raised my head to stare at him, stunned.
  “What the hell are you doing?” I asked. Shade wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me tight to his body.


4.5 Stars

I can't get enough of the Reaper MC men! And add Shade, the President of Reapers, up on that list of bad ass men, who are hot, bossy and get what he wants. And what he wants is Mandy. 

Mandy has a string of bad luck when it comes to men. She ends up choosing men who are wrong and put her in bad situations. She's been staying with her sister to get back on her feet. She's bartending at a local bar to make ends meet and keeping her down. 

But that proves impossible when Shade and his Reapers show up and Mandy ends up waiting on them. And Shade shows her no mercy when he wants her in his bed. What I loved about Shade is that he may be the bad ass President of MC, but he's definitely  has a soft spot, especially when it comes to helping Mandy. 

When bad news lands on Mandy's doorstep, Shade and the boys step in to help, but Mandy is determined to keep Shade at arm's length. Why not have a good time with this hot man, while her life settles back to normal? But it doesn't happen that way, I love how Shade pushes his way into her life, but he's firm on not settling down and has not time for an Old Lady.  

I loved Shade and Mandy's relationship worked for them. Overall, Shade's Lady is a quick, fun and hot read. It's always great to get more Reapers!

About Joanna Wylde:
Joanna Wylde started her writing career in journalism, working in two daily newspapers as both a reporter and editor. Her career has included many different jobs, from managing a homeless shelter to running her own freelance writing business, where she took on projects ranging from fundraising to ghostwriting for academics. During 2012 she got her first Kindle reader as a gift and discovered the indie writing revolution taking place online. Not long afterward she started cutting back her client list to work on Reaper’s Property, her breakout book. It was published in January 2013, marking the beginning of a new career writing fiction.
Joanna lives in the mountains of northern Idaho with her family.
Visit Joanna Wylde’s website and follow her on:

His to Seduce (Fireside #4) by Stacey Lynn

An honorable man who’s lost his way . . . A career woman who hides behind her button-up suits . . . Unexpected romance is the specialty at the Fireside Grill as Stacey Lynn’s captivating series comes full circle.
Becoming an ER doctor had been David McGregor’s mission ever since he could remember. But after tragedy strikes at his hospital in Chicago, David runs away from the guilt—all the way back to Latham Hills, Michigan, where he takes a job tending bar at his childhood friend’s restaurant. That’s how he meets Camden Reed, and the way Camden refuses to give him the time of day should be a turnoff. Instead, he’s drawn to her tough, tightly wound exterior, and soon David realizes that he has a new mission: to see her tightly wound beneath him.
Camden’s fighting tooth and nail to resist the desire she feels for David. Growing up dirt-poor, raised by a single mother, she worked twice as hard to get where she is today, and she doesn’t have any patience for the kind of guy who’d give up a decent paycheck to sling drinks. But when the sexual tension finally combusts between the sheets, Camden discovers that people aren’t always what they seem. As David pushes her past her limits, Camden begins to loosen up—and to trust that, when she falls, there will be someone waiting to catch her.

Releasing March 21, 2017. Purchase on Amazon!

4 Fireside Stars

Right off the bat, the book is hot and swoony! David and Camden burned up my Kindle from the start and David couldn't have been more patient and sweet!

David has been bartending at Fireside and pretty much avoiding life as an ER doctor. He's been through a tragedy and questioning his career ever since. And at Fireside, is where he meets Camden. She's a friend of his friends and he can't stop himself flirting with her. But Camden won't give him the time of day. Her "I can't date a bartender" mentality has been a challenge for him (she doesn't know the truth).

When they David and Camden are away for a friend's wedding on an isalnd, they give into a weekend of no strings. But David desperately tries to break down Camden's walls and have their fling turn into more.

His to Seduce is a great read that is full of passion, secrets and some angst. Camden drove me nuts with her hangs ups, but once she let her walls down, I enjoyed her character. And David, couldn't of been more perfect. A great ending to this series.  

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An Act of Courage (Acts of Honor #4) by K.C. Lynn

She’s the light from his past.

He’s the one her heart has always longed for. 

Trained by the best, Christopher Walker has fought hard for his country and even harder to forget the only girl he’s ever loved. He spent countless nights submerged in death and destruction only to find himself clinging to the memories of her when the darkness crept in. 

When her life is threatened, Christopher will stop at nothing to protect her. Even if it means having to confront his past.

Alissa Malone never thought she would find herself face-to-face again with the only boy she’s ever loved. But she soon realizes Christopher is not the same man he once was. 

His touch is still electrifying—his voice still earth shattering. But there’s a darkness about him that wasn’t there before. A pain he harbors so deep that she can feel it all the way to her soul. 

One fateful moment destroyed his very existence, and only one person will be able to make him realize that what he considers an act of dishonor was truly an act of courage.


This is Book Four in the Acts Of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men Of Honor. It is not necessary to read all of the other books in the series. However, I do highly recommend that you at least read Resisting Temptation, the third book in the Men of Honor series, since this is where these Characters story began.

5 Courageous Stars

I can't even tell you how much I loved An Act of Courage. Christopher and Ruthie Walker stole my heart in Resisting Temptation and now Christopher has done it again with Alissa. These two broke my heart and then pieced it together while reading their journey towards happiness and forgiveness. 

Alissa Malone and Christopher were meant to be together since the age of fifteen, but life and family have always caused problems. They walked away from each other, leaving their hearts with one another. Five years later, Christopher is back from war and is a changed man. He's broken, angry, and hurt. But there are two things constant in his life: his family and Alissa. But trying to fight his demons and not push away the people who love him, is causing him more harm and pain.

And sweet Alissa...she loves fiercely and wants nothing more to find that love back with Christopher. And when her life is threatened, Christopher steps up and does whatever he can to protect her. These two slowly learn to trust and love each other again. But there's something dark inside Christopher that Alissa, Faith, Cade and even Ruthie can't fix.

"Don't you know, that even after all this time, I would still die for  you?"

An Act of Courage is a fantastic read that deals with the guilt from war and how one man can slowly overcome it with the love of his family and the one girl who  always had his heart. I couldn't get enough of this book. I loved getting a little more of Faith and Cade (who are my FAVORITE couple in this series) and little Mia stole the book with her cowboy boots! Now, I'll just patiently wait for Ruthie's book...

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One minute I’m drumming to a beat I could never play on my own then the next I’m flipped around to face him, his fingers digging into my hips possessively. I gasp, my breath racing as I stare back at him.

Something passes between us.

A decision.

A choice.

No more fighting this.

“Fuck complicated.” His earlier words fall past his lips then our mouths become one.

The connection slams into me, sending my heart reeling. Our tongues duel in a beautiful battle, the sound of our passion filling the air as our past ignites.

A growl erupts from him, vibrating against my lips. “You taste as good as I remember.”

I want to tell him the same thing but can’t. All I can think about is his mouth never leaving mine, not even for a second, or it might kill me.

At this moment, I’m not even sure how I survived so long without it—without him.

He slides the stool closer to the drum set before his hand moves between us and presses on my chest. I seize the opportunity to suck in air and let him guide me to my back, my shoulders resting against the musical cylinders.

His hands move to mine and it’s then I realize I still have the drumsticks gripped tightly in my fists. With a sexy smirk, he pries them both from me, throwing one on the floor but keeps hold of the other.

His dark eyes never sever from mine as he unbuttons the shirt I’m wearing, exposing me to his stare. The cool air whispers over my heated flesh, my nipples straining for his touch.

                “So fucking pretty.” The wild lust in his eyes triggers an intense desire in me.

                 I bite my lip to keep from moaning but all silent caution is thrown out the window the moment he takes the stick and brushes the tip of it over one aching bud.

                Another gasp parts my lips, a fiery whimper purging from me at the cool, hard feel. My back arches, the small touch igniting an inferno in my body.

                “Remember the things I used to do to your body, Alissa? How wet you would get when you’d hear me sing?” he murmurs, dragging the smooth wood down my tummy. “You’d beg me to take your ache away. Remember?”

                “Yes. Do you?” I ask. I’m dying to know. Has he thought of me as much as I have him?

                “Yeah, baby. There isn’t a moment of our time together that I’ve ever forgotten.”

                His admission has my throat burning and heart aching. Aching at the loss of him, of what we could have had.

                What we did have.

                “The good,” he whispers. “The bad.” He slips the stick in my panties. “And the fucking beautiful.”

                “Oh, god, Christopher.” His name spills past my lips on a cry of pleasure as he glides the stick through my wet flesh, slowly working it against my swollen clit.

                He plays my body like he plays every instrument. With skilled perfection and grace. Keeping his momentum, he leans down just enough to suck a hard nipple into his mouth. His teeth graze it with a pressure that borders on a beautiful pain and it’s enough to send me over the edge.

                Blissful cries rip from my throat as I’m swept up into an intense storm of pleasure.

                “Good girl, scream for me, Alissa. Let me have your pleasure because next it’s going to be my cock working this hot little pussy.”

About the Author
K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She married her high school sweetheart and they have four amazing children: two lovely girls and a set of handsome twin boys. It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. When she is not in her writing cave, pounding out new characters and stories, she can be found living between the pages of a book, meeting new tattooed, hot alpha males with very big…Hearts.

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Dirty Souls (Sins Duet #2) by Karina Halle

From New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle comes DIRTY SOULS the much-anticipated, nail-biting conclusion to Black Hearts…

Violet McQueen has always been a sensitive soul. Troubled and misunderstood, she never realized her place in the world, nor her true potential…until she met Vicente Bernal.

From birth, Vicente Bernal has always known his place in the world – he’s been groomed to be a ruthless king. Yet for a man whose soul has become morally bankrupt, it’s only through Violet he’s realizing the worth of someone’s heart.

But at what cost?

With a deadly game set in motion taking them from the stark deserts of California to the steamy jungles of Mexico, Violet and Vicente’s forbidden relationship will be put to the test. Boundaries will be pushed, lines will be crossed and souls will get very, very dirty.

Because how do you choose between blood and love when both might get you killed?

Purchase on Amazon ( or Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers!)

4 Intense Stars

The conclusion of Violet and Vicente's story is nothing but intense and non-stop page turning. I couldn't read fast enough to make sure these two made it out OK. 

There's something about Vicente that I loved to hate and then love again. One page, I absolutely hated him and thought Violet needs to run far away from this crazy man. Then the next page, I loved him, because he's so sweet towards her and only wants to protect her. But at the end, Vicente totally redeemed himself and I couldn't want Violet and Vicente  have a very HEA (or at least their version!). 

Dirty Souls picks up where Vicente and Violet are on the "run" after learning the truth (and lies) with her parents. But taking off proves to be dangerous for these two. So many people are after them and when they think they've gotten away--never underestimate Vicente's father, Javier!

I can't and won't spoil how it all goes down between Violet, Vicente and also Ellie and Javier's face-off! I will say, Javier is INSANE! OMG! Again, this book is heart-stopping and intense. It's a nice conclusion to their love story. 

And can Ben please get a book? ;)