Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ARC Review: Overruled (The Legal Briefs, #1) by Emma Chase

A Washington, DC, defense attorney, Stanton Shaw keeps his head cool, his questions sharp, and his arguments irrefutable. They don’t call him the Jury Charmer for nothing—with his southern drawl, disarming smile, and captivating green eyes, he’s a hard man to say no to. Men want to be him, and women want to be thoroughly cross examined by him.
Stanton’s a man with a plan. And for a while, life was going according to that plan.
Until the day he receives an invitation to the wedding of his high school sweetheart, the mother of his beloved ten-year-old daughter. Jenny is getting married—to someone who isn't him.

That’s definitely not part of the plan.

Sofia Santos is a city-raised, no-nonsense litigator who plans to become the most revered criminal defense attorney in the country. She doesn't have time for relationships or distractions.

But when Stanton, her “friend with mind-blowing benefits,” begs her for help, she finds herself out of her element, out of her depth, and obviously out of her mind. Because she agrees to go with him to The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Mississippi, to do all she can to help Stanton win back the woman he loves. Her head tells her she’s crazy…and her heart says something else entirely.

What happens when you mix a one-stop-light town, two professional arguers, a homecoming queen, four big brothers, some Jimmy Dean sausage, and a gun-toting Nana?
The Bourbon flows, passions rise, and even the best-laid plans get overruled by the desires of the heart.


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5 Legal Stars

Overruled is another start to a fantastic series by Emma Chase! In my opinion, Ms. Chase is the master of writing from a male's perspective. We all know she gave us the unforgettable Drew Evans (and yes ladies, he does make a quick appearance in this book and is hilarious as always, with his "great" advice when it comes to women). And now she is giving us a brand new group of awesome characters.

I was a bit hesitant when I first read the synopsis--my first thought was "ugh, please don't let this be a love triangle!" No worries, it's not, far from it. 

Stanton Shaw is the small-town boy with big dreams. He was the football star and dated the head cheerleader, Jenny. They were going on to bigger things after high school and live their happily ever after. But of course life, real-world and unexpected news comes and changes everything.  

Now a hot-shot lawyer (and I love stories that takes place where I live--DC!), Stanton is on top of his game. He's successful and has a no-commitment, constant hook-up with his work partner, Sofia. Life is great for Stanton. He seems to have both of worlds. Jenny, his high school sweetheart, who lives back home (yes, they have worked out a deal over the years) and his life in DC. 

Over the last ten years, Stanton seemed confident of his unconventional relationship was enough for Jenny. That was until Jenny started to move on and not with him. So he takes matter in his own hands to stop her, but needs Sofia's help.

Sofia Santos is hot, smart and a successful lawyer too. She's hardworking and thinks needing a man is not in the cards for her. It's why her and Stanton's "friends with benefits" relationship works. But over the course of time, feelings starts to run deep and Sofia finds herself having feelings for Stanton. 

But playing the good friend and trying to help win Stanton's "girl" back, things start to get messy and feelings get hurt. There were plenty of moments in this book when I just thought--"Really Stanton, open up your damn eyes!" 

Overruled is a great read about learning that life and falling in love doesn't always go to plan when your eighteen. Life changes. People change and move on. 

I'm so excited to get more out of this series with Stanton and Sofia's friends and co-workers. 

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