Monday, December 1, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Nomad (Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club book #2) by Kelli Maine


I see you. I know you. I am you. He should’ve put a bullet in her head when he had the chance. When Luc???Lucifer" Bontrager wakes up to Liliththe satanic, sociopath bitch he left for dead in??the desertholding a gun to his head, his first thought is the girl in the club’s basement. That’s how he knows he’s screwed. He’s lived his life training women for Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club to take over the border and use for profit. Now he’s caught up in the innocent, young girl he’s supposed to hand over to a Mexican cartel boss in a few days. There’s no way in hell he’s letting her go. But Luc can’t save her if he’s dead, so this time Lilith won’t get away from him alive. NOMAD is the second instalment in the Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club series and continues Luc’s story from LILITH.

She takes the sunglasses off. I rip them from her pretty fuckin’ fingers and toss them aside. She takes the bandana off. Her hair falls against her cheeks, hidin’ a few scrapes and bruises. I take the bandana away and tuck it in my back pocket. "Keep goin’," I tell her. She grabs the bottom of the sweatshirt and lifts it up. Her t-shirt rides up with it, showin’ me her pale stomach, skin like fuckin’ silk. My fuckin’ lips burn to feel every fuckin’ inch. The sweatshirt drops to the floor with her t-shirt, and she’s fuckin’ bare from the waist up. Those fuckin’ tits make my cock ache. I rub my palm over my dick through my jeans. I’m fuckin’ granite already, needin’ to come on this bitch. She works her pants down over her hips, takin’ her underwear with them. "I want that pussy on my face," I say, pulling her to the bed. I lie down and lead her onto her knees beside me. "Get on, so I can taste you when I make you come." I grab her leg and pull it over me, putting her knees by my ears. "Hold on to the headboard," I tell her, gripping her thighs and pulling her down onto me, thumbing her pussy lips apart. I run my fingers through her pink folds, breathing hot breath on her skin, but not licking or sucking—no contact until she’s writhing above me, shoving her fuckin’ pussy in my face. I inhale through my nose, smelling her ripe pussy. Fuck, there’s nothing better than a musky pussy that’s been on the back of my bike all day. I reach down and unzip my pants. My stiff-ass cock has to be set free. I stroke it a few times as I smell her cunt and run my eyes over her red, delicate lips, that hole waiting for my tongue to fill it. I touch her clit and her hole squeezes. Angel wants to come for me. I turn my head and run my tongue up her thigh, stopping right before her pussy. I plant my lips in the crease of her bikini line and suck hard, pushing a finger inside her. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doin’, ‘cuz this ain’t trainin’. All I know is I fuckin’ want to lick and suck every inch of her, and she ain’t gonna tell me not to. Fuck, from the way her body reacts, sometimes I think she might want me to. But, there’s no fuckin’ way she does. I kidnapped the bitch and forced her to do this shit, but fuck, she doesn’t fight it. "Why don’t you fight me?" I say, because my fuckin’ tongue is an asshole today and says every fuckin’ thing in my head. "You won’t be nice to me if I fight," she whispers. "Am I nice to you?" I ask, rollin’ my thumb over her clit and strokin’ her inside with my finger. "You don’t hurt me," she says.

"No, babe. I don’t hurt you." The cartel boss will.

NOMAD( Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club book #2)
LILLITH ( Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club book #1)

Kelli Maine is the erotic romance author of USA Today Bestseller and #1 Nook book, Taken, and the Give & Take series, along with the Dolls & Doms novellas and Chains. She lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and kids. When she’s not writing, Kelli enjoys watching reality T.V., getting lost in random Wikipedia pages and searching online ads for vintage muscle cars. Favorite Author: Diana Gabaldon Favorite Food: Japanese Favorite Superhero: Spiderman Favorite Place I’ve Been: Yucatan Peninsula Writing Must Haves: Coffee and chocolate Plotter or Pantser: Proud Pantser

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