Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Wild Highway (Runaway, #2) by Devney Perry

From USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry comes a small town, second chance romance.

Gemma Lane built an empire. Not a small feat, considering her home as a teenager was a makeshift tent in a California junkyard. She’s dedicated her life to turning pennies into millions. She has power, fortune and prestige.

And she’s leaving it all behind.

Gemma is headed across the country in her best friend’s Cadillac when a detour in Montana reunites her with old acquaintances and a man who hasn’t changed. Easton Greer challenges her every word and tests her every limit because he doesn’t believe she’s really abandoned her riches. She ignores his snide remarks and muttered censure—until the day she’s ready to return to the wild highway, and Easton taunts her to stay.

She’ll prove to him she’s not just running back to her wealthy life, that she’s more than her money. She’ll unlock her guarded heart and hope that this time around, he’ll treasure the key.

I opened the door, a smile still on my face, and collided, headfirst, with a wall of muscle.
“Oh, sorry.” I looked up and my heart stopped.

The smell of leather and aftershave filled my nose. I looked up to see a pair of dark brown eyes hooded by long, onyx lashes. I took in the straight nose, the sharp jaw and strong chin. My gaze dropped to the full lips I’d tasted once, on a night eleven years ago.

I’d never seen a face as symmetrical and so beautifully masculine as Easton Greer’s.
Even when he scowled, like he was now, it was a wonder.

He’d gotten even more handsome. How was that possible? He’d transformed from a young man to just a man, man. Rugged and rough and sexy.

“Gemma.” My name came out as a growl in his deep voice and I tore my gaze away from his mouth, taking a step back.

“Hi,” I breathed, the air heavy and thick.

He took a step away, then another, his glare unwavering.

Easton cast his scowl over his shoulder and spotted the Cadillac. “That yours?”


“You’re staying here.” Not a question. An accusation. If he had it his way, I’d be uninvited.

I lifted my chin. “Yes, I came to see Katherine.”

His jaw ticked. “I thought we’d gotten rid of you years ago.”

Ouch. I guess he was still pissed about that whole sex in his room and waking up to find me gone.

But, good or bad, he hadn’t forgotten me.

4 Stars!

I loved this book. My favorite so far in this series (sure there is only two so far, but it just get better and better!). I'm big fan of second chances and it's exactly what Wild Highway gave me.

We met Gemma Lane in the previous book, who is Londyn's best friend and also part of the Runaway/Junkyard crew from back in their childhood. Gemma had a rough life in the beginning, but she worked her way up and made a name for herself and ultimately became a millionaire.

Gemma has a lot of guilt for leaving her friends behind, while she became successful. So when she takes the road trip up to Montana to find forgiveness from an old friend, Katherine, and others they she left behind in Montana. Including Easton Greer, the hunky cowboy, who she also had feelings for.

Easton can't believe Gemma is back in Montana after all these years. She up and left everyone, who helped and took her in. Easton knows that Gemma is known to run and she'll be gone soon, so he doesn't need to run into her for long. But avoiding her is hard.

As Gemma rekindles her friendship with Katherin, she's also trying not to rekindle things with Easton. But her feelings for him are still strong, but he doesn't make it easy for her, since he's still hurt and angry.

Even though Gemma is successful, she's still lost at life and what she wants. Making this trip out to Montana and to her past, helps her heal and find happiness. Not only is Wild Highway a sweet read about small town romances, it's about about forgiveness and moving on. And it shows that it doesn't mean that all the money in the world is going to truly make you happy in life! 

I'm so ready for Katherine's story in the next book!

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