Saturday, May 30, 2015

Release Day Blitz & ARC Review: Harmony (The Club Girl Diaries) by Addison Jane

Harmony makes no excuses for who she is or what she’s done. For the past few years she’s been living as a club girl for the Brothers by Blood MC. The club girls are there for a purpose - to cook, to clean and to keep the men happy. She respects the club, respects the men and she follows the rules. Watching the men walk in and out of her life is strangely comforting, and a feeling she’s grown accustomed to. With a history of disappointments and false promises, all she wants is to have fun, play music and finish college. Being associated with the club, she can do that without having to risk her heart. That was until he showed up.

When Kit's father stepped down as president, he took the title with pride. The Brothers by Blood MC is his family, his home. Deciding to celebrate his new title with his brothers from a neighboring chapter, the last thing he expected was to find Harmony - a club girl with all the makings of a perfect old lady. The stunning blonde is beautiful, strong and fiercely independent. Harmony refuses to lower the walls she’s created around her heart, but the fire inside her and her love for the club fuel his need to have her by his side, and on the back of his bike.

When Harmony’s safety is threatened, Kit is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her and prove that she can trust him. But after a lifetime of broken promises, will it be enough?


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4 Stars

What a great start to another MC series! I'm a huge fan of MC books, and Harmony is one to add to my favorites. Not only do we get dueling POVs from the heroine and hero, but the heroine isn't your typical girl who falls in love with an MC boy. She's a Club Girl. I love this story from Harmony's POV, which it makes it unique.

Being a Club Girl for the Brothers by Blood MC, means she's there to "cater" to the men, but she is respected by them. Harmony has the respect of these men and they are willing to protect her. She is bright, smart and knows who and what she is. Her and her best friend, Chelsea, have been Club Girls for years. She's going to college and knows to guard her heart with these guys. She's jaded about love and seen so many of the brothers cheat on their Ole' Ladies. 

That's until Kit walks through the Club doors. Kit is an MC President of another chapter. He is immediately is attracted to her and knows she's just more than a Club Girl and will do anything to prove it. Kit is a typical MC President--he's dominant, total alpha and his Club and his brothers are his life. He just needs a woman who can handle it. And Harmony is the one.

As always, trouble follows the Club, putting Harmony and Chelsea in danger. These men will do anything to protect these ladies. This book takes you on a wild ride of guessing who the enemy is. It's filled with plenty of sexual attraction between the characters, angst and lots of drama. 

And that ending...seriously? It left me hanging. I. Can't. Wait. For more on Optimus and Chelsea. 

About the AuthorHi! I am Addison Jane! 
I come from a small country called New Zealand.
I have always had a strong love for reading and writing and Missing Link, whilst not the first story I have written, is the first I will be releasing.
My favourite genre is romance, specifically MC, rockstar and young adult. 
I'm a single parent to a beautiful little girl, we live in a quiet little town and I have a small but amazing group of close friends.

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