Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog Tour Stop: Tug by KJ Bell

**Tug's character was introduced in KJ Bell's debut Irreparable series. However, TUG is not part of the series and can be read without reading the other two books beforehand.**

Aidan Hunter lost the only girl he ever loved to his older brother. To numb his pain, he drinks in excess, parties too hard, and sleeps with countless women. When his family expresses concern, he does what he's been taught to do—fake it and pretend his life is perfect. Pretend he loves his new girl and pretend his heart isn’t broken.

Maria Santiago is simply trying to survive each day until she finishes college. As a single mother, life is a constant struggle. Add running from a dangerous past and working in the oldest profession, and all she has is hope for a better life. Hope one day she will no longer feel shame and hope her past never catches up with her.

After Aidan pays to spend one wild night with Maria, pretending to be unaffected by her is impossible. Their night comes to an explosive end and Maria hopes she never sees him again, but Aidan refuses to give up. As Maria begins to accept that Aidan’s feelings for her are genuine, someone from her past threatens her life. Aidan’s not intimidated and takes a huge risk to protect her.

Will the risk pay off and allow Aidan the opportunity to provide Maria with the better life she’s been hoping for?

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3.5 Stars

Tug is a roller-coaster of emotions book. I hated Aidan (aka Tug), then I loved him. He was an a-hole, then he was a good guy. This guy was all over the place!

Tug is so hung up on the past he can't seem to move on. He is angry and wants to hurt those who love him. But as much as he hurts his family, they continue to be there for him. Tug is notorious for sleeping around and just being a plain d-ck!

Maria is such a great character. She's strong, knows what she has to do to get by and willing to take care of her family no matter what--they always come first!  Tug meets Maria and can't stop thinking about. They continue to run into each through mutual friends/family and Tug is persistent on winning Maria.

Knowing his past and what he does to her (OMG!) she is hesitant of his intentions. Tug is filled with a wild ride of secrets, action and yes...a cliffhanger. But don't worry, there are plenty of steamy moments that makes you forget about that non-ending! Tug and Maria are hot!

I'm excited to see how their story goes in the next book, hoping that a HEA is in store for them!

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