Wednesday, March 11, 2020

From Alaska With Love by Ally James

A soldier has six weeks to convince the only woman he has ever longed for to take a chance on life with him in Alaska....

Sara's letters were the only bright spot during Gabe's devastating tour in Iraq. With each new correspondence he fell harder, needed her more, wanted to be with her. Now, after initially rejecting his offer to meet, she's shown up at the door of his isolated cabin in Alaska looking for...what? Gabe's not sure what made Sara change her mind, but he knows he never wants to let her go.

Major Gabe Randall is everything Sara Ryan wants but nothing she feels she deserves. A modern-day spinster, Sara hides behind family obligations and the safe, quiet life she's resigned herself to living. But secretly, even though she may have stretched the truth about who she is in her letters to him, she wants Gabe. Will he still want her when he discovers the real woman behind the pen?

Once they meet, Gabe asks her for six weeks in Alaska. Six weeks to spend getting to know each other, and then she'll have to decide whether they are better together or apart

4 Stars

From Alaska with Love is a beautiful read about two people who fall in love from one random Easter card. 

Sara's life has been in a rut, shes thirty-five, single and has been a nanny to her sweet little niece. Her entire family has taken Sara for granted. She's given up her own life to take care of her family and they are nothing but ungrateful for it.  

And when Sara sends one random card to a solider overseas - her entire life changes forever.   

Gabe, a soldier in Iraq, has lived most of his adult life in the military - being overseas and fighting for our country. When he gets a random card from Sara, he is hooked with his mystery pen-pal, who makes him laugh with her quirkiness and humor and makes his time overseas a little bit easier!

As Sara and Gabe grow a strong bond over letters, emails and video chatting - they can't help fall for each other. But when Gabe returns home back to Alaska and Sara in North Carolina - can they make it work?

I love the dynamic of this couple and Trouble, Gabe's dog. This book had plenty of sweet moments and lots of drama to get to their happily ever after!

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