Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Candle Palace (Jamison Valley #6) by Devney Perry

Sometimes a single flame can ignite a love that lasts a lifetime. 

Milo Phillips knows the meaning of pain. Suffering through the most intense physical agony of his life, he’s confined to a hospital bed to bear it alone. More than once, he wishes he’d died in the explosion that melted and mangled his skin. Darkness consumes him, snuffing all the joy in his life and leaving an empty hole in its place.
But one day, a flicker of light sneaks into his hospital room, driving away some of the hopelessness. For the first time in months, pain isn’t all he feels.

The flicker’s name is Sara Foster, his new nurse. Milo just hopes that Sara can see past his scars. Because underneath, his heart has begun beating again just for her.

4.5 Stars

I will devour a Devney Perry book in one sitting and The Candle Palace is no different! Milo Phillips and and Sara Foster turns a tragic moment into a beautiful love story...

Sara Foster is a nurse working in Burn Unit in Spokane. She enjoys her job and patients, but her mundane and dull life outside of work got her thinking about more. And it all changes when Milo Phillips comes into her unit.

Milo, a cop, from Jamison Valley, gets hurt in the line of duty and ends up in the burn unit. He's angry and in pain, but when the sweet nurse, Sara, comes into his room, all the pain goes away. There is something about Milo that makes Sara's heart flutter. Even with all the burns and scars - their is a calm and light in Milo's eye that has Sara wanting more. But she has to be careful with her patient/nurse relationship with Milo. As these two form a relationship, their our outside forces that will do anything to stop it. Without spoiling all the sweet details of their story - I will say it was complicated for them to finally get their HEA. And that is what  loved about it. 

I couldn't get more of these two characters...

Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. She lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories. Devney loves hearing from readers! Connect with her on social media.

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