Saturday, September 17, 2016

Exclusive Bonus: Jagger (Knights Corruption MC Series, #3) by S. Nelson

Releasing September 19!




In order to prove his loyalty, Knights Corruption prospect, Jagger Blakeslee, readily agreed to immerse himself in situations that weren't meant for the faint of heart.

Every time, he stepped up.
Every time, he did what was asked.
Never questioning… until he met her.

Kena Prescott wasn’t like everyone else. Leading a simple yet lonely life, she preferred to live in the background, avoiding potential heartache by never bringing attention to herself or the challenge she faced on a daily basis.
Until a fated encounter with a stranger thrust her into a world she had never known existed.

He’d come to her rescue, but in the end, would she be the one to save him?

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Unease settled around me while I curled up in the corner of the couch. Phone clasped in hand, I stared at the screen, re-reading Jagger’s texts. There wasn’t a lot of information in them, but for some reason the strange need to allow him to explain possessed me. Plus curiosity pushed me to hear his side of the events.
Danger had never been a friend of mine. Nor was drama. I stayed tucked away in my own little bubble, never venturing too far outside my comfort zone. Then one day I allowed Braylen to convince me to go to an abandoned warehouse where men would pummel each other for money. And it was at that match that Jagger had come to my rescue. Fighting whatever feelings he’d evoked within me, I’d never retracted my sister’s invite for him to meet us at Rustic.
Even now, I still had this pull toward him. My head told me to run far, far away from the sexy, dangerous fighter, but my heart told me to take a chance and hear him out.
Damn emotions.
He wanted to call me. I had no idea what he thought he’d achieve by doing so, but again, I was intrigued as to what would happen. The one thing I was positive about was that his voice would surely undo me, destroying any uncertainties I had toward giving him another chance. The rasp in his tone did strange things to me, and I knew if I heard him on the other end of the line that I’d cave and give in to whatever he asked of me.
Before I typed my reply, my mind wandered to Braylen and how upset she’d seemed on the ride home. She’d ranted all the way back to our house about how I’d better never see “that lunatic” again. She confessed her initial judgment of him had been misconceived, and I lost count how many times she apologized for pushing me toward going out with him. Seeing someone pull a gun so close to where we were standing shocked and terrified her, as it did to me. But whereas she closed the door on Jagger altogether, I left it open just a crack. I wasn’t ready to shut him out completely. Not just yet. Not until I’d at least heard what he wanted to tell me.

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