Friday, October 31, 2014

Sociopath by Lime Craven

The name's Aeron Lore. And you are...? Such a pleasure to meet you, sweetheart. Is that a southern accent? Gorgeous.

You fucking bitch.

Why so surprised? I control a billion dollar fortune. I control the news. Give me five minutes and I'll control you, too. If you could read my mind, you'd probably call me perverted. Unnatural. Manipulative. But I've learned to blend in, to be funny and charming. A predator in a designer suit.

I have no conscience. No shame in taking the things I want. And what I wanted was for Leontine Reeves to sell me her boutique tech firm so I could exploit the fuck out of it. Maybe exploit the fuck out of her, too, because desire haunts me in shades of scarlet, and I desire Leo most of all.

I never meant for this to be a love story. I fought it kicking and screaming, the same way Leo fought me. Now we're bleeding into each other, making a mess. A chaos. There's no control here. And what do monsters like me do when control leaves the building?

We attack.

3 Stars

Talk about having your mind blown! Sociopath is a book filled with angst and OMG moments. 
This is a standalone dark romance, but don't worry--there is a love story in there! Just with a twist!

Aeron Lore...what an awesome book name. He's hot, controlling, rich and a bit of a nut. He was total control after he buys out Leontine Reeves' company. 

This book is told from his POV and it was really interesting to get inside his head. It was fascinating to know what he was thinking the entire time. There were parts of this story that may be a tad bit uncomfortable, but it fit his life and the story.

Sociopath it's just something that will blow your mind with it's dark twists and turns. So if you love a twisted romance, this book is for you. 

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Author Bio

I like dysfunction. Broken people who can't fix each other, but fit together because they're missing the same pieces. One of my favourite songs declares, "take the sinner down to feed desire," and that's my MO. I write dirty psychological thrillers with strong elements of dark romance.
I love antiheroes. Female characters who don't just accept their faults, but downright exploit them. No nice boys. No shame. Mindfuckery for all.

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