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Say I'm Yours by Corinne Michaels

From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a new second chance standalone romance.

I spent twenty years waiting for Trent Hennington to open his eyes and see me. But it was all for nothing. He chose to keep himself guarded and let me walk away, proving that my time and efforts were wasted.

I’m done being invisible.
It’s time to move on.

A single dance sets my new reality into motion, and I welcome it. After all, Cooper Townsend is perfect. He’s kind, sexy, and attentive—everything a girl could want.

I thought I got it right this time.
That my heart could mend, and I would be happy.
Apparently, some things really are just too hard to walk away from.

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4.5 Stars

This book seriously gave me all the feels. The feeling of heartbreak, hope and falling in love all over again. Say I'm Yours is my favorite book out of the Hennington boys!

When we briefly met Grace in the previous book, I always thought the girl was just a doormat. She let Trent walk all over her. Grabbing any scraps he throws her way, but it isn't the case when you get to know Grace in this book. The girl knows what she wants and that's Trent Hennington's whole heart. And she's willing to let him go, because she loves herself too much. 

"You forgot the part about where I want be someone's world..."

When Grace tries to move on, Trent seems to pop up wherever he can and hurt her all over again. Trent loves Grace--there was no doubt, but he really had to work on himself to figure out how he can fully love her. The back and forth between these two killed me. I really wanted these two get it right, but it was going to take more than sweet word from Trent. 

Say I'm Yours is a fantastic read about second chances and falling in love over again. There's plenty of drama and heartbreak and a twist that I didn't see coming!

Corinne Michaels is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Salvation Series (Beloved, Beholden, Consolation, Conviction & Defenseless), Say You'll Stay, Say You Want Me, and Say I'm Yours. She's an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.
Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn't ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha heroes are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.

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Cover Reveal: Paper Fools, Hearts & Arrows 1 by Staci Hart


In the game of love, she never loses.

Paper Fools by Staci Hart is coming April 17th!!


Aphrodite knows love — just don’t ask her to figure out her own mess.

Rather than deal with her sticky love life, she toys with the hearts of unwitting humans. It’s a little game she plays, and the stakes are high. Lucky for her, she’s just found the perfect match.

Lex is everything Dean needs, but he can’t have her.

It doesn’t matter that her eyes speak to a long forgotten part of him, or that her art and poetry touch his shredded heart. She’s off limits — crossing that line would implode his band and everything he’s ever cared about. There’s only one option: stay away from her, no matter the cost. Even if the price is his heart.

Dean is everything Lex wants, but she can’t take the risk.

The second she meets him, she knows her heart is in danger. She’s convinced it’s only attraction that has her hung up on the dark, quiet lead singer, but with every day that passes, she knows it’s more. It’s just that she can’t put her heart on the line. She won’t — love has never been worth the sacrifice.

If only they knew they were just pawns in a much bigger game. And in the game of love, Aphrodite never loses.

*Formerly titled Deer in Headlights, Paper Fools has been rewritten and reedited just for you.*

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About the Author

IMG_8015Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife, though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. From roots in Houston to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.

Connect with Staci:

The Hard Truth About Sunshine by Sawyer Bennett

New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett has written her most gripping and poignant tale yet. Provocatively heart-breaking, audaciously irreverent and romantically fulfilling, The Hard Truth About Sunshine exposes just how very thin the line is between a full life and an empty existence.

Despite having narrowly escaped death's clutches, Christopher Barlow is grateful for nothing. His capacity to love has been crushed. He hates everyone and everything, completely unable to see past the gray stain of misery that coats his perception of the world. It's only after he involuntarily joins a band of depressed misfits who are struggling to overcome their own problems, does Christopher start to re-evaluate his lot in life.

What could they possibly learn from one another? How could they possibly help each other to heal? And the question that Christopher asks himself over and over again... can he learn to love again? 

He's about to find out as he embarks upon a cross country trip with a beautiful woman who is going blind, a boy with terminal cancer, and an abuse victim who can't decide whether she wants to live or die. 

Four people with nothing in common but their destination. They will encounter adventure, thrills, loss and love. And within their travels they will learn the greatest lesson of all. 

The hard truth about sunshine...

Warning: This book deals with some tough issues including suicide and sexual abuse.

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5 Sunshine Stars

I won't even bother reading the synopsis, I'll just dive right in when it comes to a book written by Sawyer Bennett and I'm never disappointed! And The Hard Truth About Sunshine certainly did not disappoint me. I was hooked in the first chapter and I couldn't read fast enough to get to the end. 

This book pulled every emotion out of me: anger, annoyance, laughter, love and heartbreak. Each of these characters were special in their own way and the story behind each of them really made this book!

This book is told through Christoper Barlow's POV. He's one angry S.O.B. He's a war vet, who hates the world. He hates people and has no remorse about it. He's been struggling with his injuries since he's been released from the hospital/rehab. And to stay out of trouble, he's been sent to mandatory group therapy. It's where three, very different individuals will change his life forever. But not so fast, the man is still pissed off at life and loves to take it out on the three of them. 

It all begins on a road trip. A road trip that Christopher reluctantly agreed take with his group therapy "friends." And "friends" is in quotes, because the four of them have absolutely nothing in common, but all need some sort of help. Jillian is beautiful, sweet and positive about life, even though she is slowly going blind. There's something about Jillian that has Christopher intrigued. Then there's sweet, young Connor. The boy is dying and this trip is his last adventure. And Barb, goth girl, who is not only angry, but also suicidal. You think a cross-country road trip with the four of them would be a complete disaster, but it ends up changing them. 

I laughed, cried and was overcome by emotions throughout the journey of these four individuals. They started as strangers, but soon found themselves beginning to understand each other, about themselves and what the future holds for them when they return home. The Hard Truth About Sunshine  is a well written book that deals with a lot pain and dark issues. It's an inspiring book that helps you look at truth about sunshine

About the Author
Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released more than 30 books and has been featured on both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists on multiple occasions. 

A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone. 

Sawyer likes her Bloody Marys strong, her martinis dirty, and her heroes a combination of the two. When not bringing fictional romance to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to a very active toddler, as well as full-time servant to two adorably naughty dogs. She believes in the good of others, and that a bad day can be cured with a great work-out, cake, or a combination of the two.

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Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound #1) by Ryan Michele

Cooper Cruz knows what it means to be surrounded and bound by family. Loyalty, brotherhood, and protection are all learned, earned, and respected by him and the Ravage Motorcycle Club family he grew up in. At the same, he’s a man, having fun and living the life he has always envisioned, until a trip to Florida changes everything.

Bristyl Daniels knows what it means to be smothered and bound by family. Bonds run deep with her father and all the members of the Sinister Sons Motorcycle Club she has grown up in. But now she’s all woman and wishes they would see she isn’t a little girl anymore. Then one phone call gives her a chance meeting with a hunk of a man she can’t get off her mind.

When her favorite band comes to play at a motorcycle rally in her hometown, Bristyl decides it’s worth the risk to sneak off for a little fun. When a situation gets heated, though, Cooper and the Ravage MC step in, setting off a chain of events, both good and bad in both their lives.

As the dust settles, Bristyl will have to come to some very hard decisions. Meanwhile, Cooper knows exactly what he wants. To hell with the consequences.

** Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series #1) is a standalone full-length novel. You do not have to read the Ravage MC series to follow this book, but if you’d like to see where it all started, you really should. **

**Special Release Price of $2.99**

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Holy hells bells.

I’m not sure if I should be pissed that my brothers and father left me to deal with this mess or thank them for the gorgeous eye candy. Not that I would, because they’d have a fit either way, but damn. Maybe it’s my mom smiling down on me, giving me a ray of sunshine through this mess.

All three of the guys are hot in their own way. By the cuts on their backs, they belong to the Ravage Motorcycle Club. Here for the rally, of course, and will be gone in a flash. That’s how it is. What the hell, I’ll enjoy the view while I can.

I sop up the water and wring out the mop head, then repeat … again and again.
Ryker, who boldly introduced himself, is a player. Yep, seen hundreds of them in my day growing up in the club. Tattoos, sexy vibe … I bet he doesn’t even have to ask women, just crooks his finger.

The other man, who I’m not sure his name, looks a little lighter in a way, but I’m not sure how to describe it.

Cooper, though. My heavens. Talk about charismatic, and I got that just from the few words he spoke to me. Hell, I get it just from being in the same room with him. It’s like he oozes it out of his pores, releasing it out in the world for women to fall at his feet and beg. Then there’s the hair. I can’t call it light, and it’s definitely not dark. It’s a unique combination of the two; light browns intertwined with a few darker browns, giving his hair a shade I haven’t seen before. Like a caramel color with an edge, and long. So much so that he has a hair tie wrapped around his wrist. No doubt he puts it up regularly. I’d put money on it only amping up his sexiness.
When our eyes connected for that brief moment, the blue popped out in his. I also noticed some navy around the edges. That combination of hair and eyes … Be still my deprived heart.

The way his pants ride low on his hips makes me want to give up all kinds of things to get him to raise his arms above his head so his black T-shirt rises up and I can see what’s underneath.

He has tattoos running all up his left arm, disappearing under his shirt. I can see some black poking through the top at his neck, too. It piques my curiosity, wanting to find out what he’s hiding.

I shake my head and squeeze out the mop. It’s been way too long since … Never mind.

4 Ravage Stars

There's nothing more entertaining than getting the next generation of kids from the Ravage MC family! And Bound By Family is just that! Cooper Cruz is all grown up and a member of the MC. His parents are Cruz and Princess, so he's been around the MC world his entire life. He knows who things 

Ryan Michele found her passion in bringing fictional characters to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible, and she has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.

She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and other romance-based genres. Whether it’s bikers, wolf-shifters, mafia, etc., Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.

When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.


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Cover Reveal: The Gravity of Us (Elements #4) by Brittainy C. Cherry



Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.

I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed.

Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another.

Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend.
Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever.

Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.

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The Gravity of Us (Elements #4) by Brittainy C. CherryRelease Date: April 13th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary RomanceCover Designer: Quirkybird Designs


Start the Series of Standalones Today!

(Free in Kindle Unlimited)

The Air He Breathes

The Fire Between High and Low

The Silent Waters

About the Author:
Hi! I'm Brittainy! Join me as we travel through my mind as a Romance Author. This includes such things as my random thoughts, tricks, tips, things I'm learning, things I'm re-learning, things I'm forgetting, and my weird ways of crafting stories.

Connect with the Author:

Twitter: @BrittainyCherry
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Goodbye Paradise (Hello Goodbye #1) by Sarina Bowen

Most people called it a cult. But for twenty years, Josh and Caleb called it home. 

In Paradise, there is no television. No fast food. Just long hours of farm work and prayer on a dusty Wyoming ranch, and nights in a crowded bunkhouse. The boys of the Compound are kept far from the sinners’ world. 

But Joshua doesn’t need temptation to sin. His whole life, he’s wanted his best friend, Caleb. By day they work side by side. Only when Josh closes his eyes at night can they be together the way he craves. 

It can never be. And his survival depends on keeping his terrible desires secret.

Caleb has always protected Josh against the worst of the bullying at the Compound. But he has secrets of his own, and a plan to get away — until it all backfires. 

Josh finds himself homeless in a world that doesn’t want him. Can Caleb find him in time? And will they find a place of safety, where he can admit to Josh how he really feels? 

Warning: Contains a hot male/male romance, copious instances of taking the Lord's name in vain, and love against the kitchen counter. This book was previously released under the title: In Front of God & Everyone.

Purchase Goodbye Paradise on Amazon!

5 Hot Paradise Stars

Wow! This book is amazing. I'm a huge fan of this author's work and I have to say Goodbye Paradise is probably now my favorite read from her. And one of my top reads of 2017. Goodbye Paradise is unique, heartbreaking, eye-opening and just hot, hot, hot! 

You read or hear about those "cult" compounds in the news, but you never know much about them. And now I really wonder (and wouldn't be surprised) the craziness that could go on. Josh and Caleb were raised in the Paradise Compound and it's the only life they know. They were raised that everything in the outside world is a sin. And even more of sin would be the attraction that Josh has for his best friend, Caleb. 

When Josh gets kicked out of the compound, he's left struggling alone in the real world. Alone with no money and no sense of reality of the real world. And his savior is Caleb, because he promised that whatever happens, Caleb will go to him and they will both runaway together.

When Josh and Caleb leave the compound, they are faced with reality of their next steps in life (where to go) and their growing feelings for each other. Josh has tried so hard to hid his "sinful" feelings towards Caleb, but growing up in the compound, he believed it was all wrong. That's until Caleb shows him differently.

Josh and Caleb end up finding a former friend, Maggie, who escaped from their compound years ago. Maggie and her husband owns a farm and has open their door to help Paradise kids get back on their feet after fleeing the cult. 

Goodbye Paradise takes you through the Josh and Caleb's struggle of living in the "real" world and how to handle their love for each other. A fantastic read that is hot, hot, hot between these two!

Shade's Lady (Reapers MC #6.5) by Joanna Wylde

New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club… 

Looking back, none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could’ve walked away from him if I’d had it with me.

Or maybe not. 

Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would’ve found another way. Probably—if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me. 

Right from the first. 

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 “You’re full of sh*t!” I said, waving my hand grandly. My drink sloshed and I licked the side of the cup, because this whiskey was way too good to waste even a single drop. “Wonder Woman is better than Batman. She’s got real power, not just fancy toys. Although she has those, too, which means anything Batman can do, she can do better.”
  “Nope,” Shade said, shaking his head seriously. “She’s hot, I’ll give her that, but he’d take her in a fair fight.”
I held up a hand for him to wait as I polished off my booze.
  “No way. She’s a goddess of war and she’s one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in history. She’s got an invisible jet, for God’s sake. How can you compete with that? All he has is a bunch of money and the stupid Batmobile.”
  “Hand over the cup,” Shade said, narrowing his eyes.
  “Why?” I asked, narrowing mine right back. I was good and drunk now, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to be done for the night.
  “Demonstration,” he replied. “C’mon. Or are you chicken?”
  “What are we, kindergartners?”
  “You’re the one insisting Wonder Woman can take Batman,” he replied. “Chicken.”
Then he leaned toward me, raising a single finger to poke me in the center of my chest. Not copping a feel or anything remotely sexual, either. This was pure taunt. I handed him the cup and he tossed it on the floor, nearly falling off the bed in the process. I smirked—guess I wasn’t the only drunk one. Then he started listing to the side and I lunged for him, grabbing his shirt to keep him from going over.
Shade caught my arm, using the momentum to pull me onto his body with sudden force. My hands hit his chest and I raised my head to stare at him, stunned.
  “What the hell are you doing?” I asked. Shade wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me tight to his body.


4.5 Stars

I can't get enough of the Reaper MC men! And add Shade, the President of Reapers, up on that list of bad ass men, who are hot, bossy and get what he wants. And what he wants is Mandy. 

Mandy has a string of bad luck when it comes to men. She ends up choosing men who are wrong and put her in bad situations. She's been staying with her sister to get back on her feet. She's bartending at a local bar to make ends meet and keeping her down. 

But that proves impossible when Shade and his Reapers show up and Mandy ends up waiting on them. And Shade shows her no mercy when he wants her in his bed. What I loved about Shade is that he may be the bad ass President of MC, but he's definitely  has a soft spot, especially when it comes to helping Mandy. 

When bad news lands on Mandy's doorstep, Shade and the boys step in to help, but Mandy is determined to keep Shade at arm's length. Why not have a good time with this hot man, while her life settles back to normal? But it doesn't happen that way, I love how Shade pushes his way into her life, but he's firm on not settling down and has not time for an Old Lady.  

I loved Shade and Mandy's relationship worked for them. Overall, Shade's Lady is a quick, fun and hot read. It's always great to get more Reapers!

About Joanna Wylde:
Joanna Wylde started her writing career in journalism, working in two daily newspapers as both a reporter and editor. Her career has included many different jobs, from managing a homeless shelter to running her own freelance writing business, where she took on projects ranging from fundraising to ghostwriting for academics. During 2012 she got her first Kindle reader as a gift and discovered the indie writing revolution taking place online. Not long afterward she started cutting back her client list to work on Reaper’s Property, her breakout book. It was published in January 2013, marking the beginning of a new career writing fiction.
Joanna lives in the mountains of northern Idaho with her family.
Visit Joanna Wylde’s website and follow her on: