Friday, July 9, 2021

After the Climb (River Rain #1) by Kristen Ashley


They were the Three Amigos: Duncan Holloway, Imogen Swan and Corey Szabo. Two young boys with difficult lives at home banding together with a cool girl who didn’t mind mucking through the mud on their hikes.

They grew up to be Duncan Holloway, activist, CEO and face of the popular River Rain outdoor stores, Imogen Swan, award-winning actress and America’s sweetheart, and Corey Szabo, ruthless tech billionaire.

Rich and very famous, they would learn the devastating knowledge of how the selfish acts of one would affect all their lives.

And the lives of those they loved.

Start the River Rain series with After the Climb, the story of Duncan and Imogen navigating their way back to each other, decades after a fierce betrayal.

And introduce yourself to their families, who will have their stories told when River Rain continues.

This book brought me back to KA's old school storytelling and writing style - which made me a huge of fan of this author from day one!

This story is about three people who had a lifetime of history between them all and because a "misunderstanding" they lost time between them for years! And I mean YEARS! It's a second chance story about friendship, heartache and reconnecting. 

Duncan and Imogen are characters with great chemistry and their family dynamics is what made me love their story. And what I love about this book is the maturity of the characters, it's always refreshing when it's not about a twenty-somethings living their best lives, but adults who have live their best lives and still doing it in their 40s and 50s. 

I think Chole's book is next in this series and I'll here for that! Can't wait for more!

About the Author

Kristen Ashley is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty romance novels including the Rock ChickColorado MountainDream ManChaosUnfinished HeroThe ’BurgMagdaleneFantasylandThe ThreeGhost and ReincarnationMoonlight and Motor Oil and Honey series along with several standalone novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold over three million books.

Kristen’s novel, Law Man, won the RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for best Romantic Suspense. Her independently published title Hold On was nominated for RT Book Reviews best Independent Contemporary Romance and her traditionally published title Breathe was nominated for best Contemporary Romance. Kristen’s titles Motorcycle ManThe WillRide Steady (which won the Reader’s Choice award from Romance Reviews) and The Hookup all made the final rounds for Goodreads Choice Awards in the Romance category.

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