Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ARC Review: Dare to Take (Dare to Love #6) by Carly Phillips

She was off limits, 
But he couldn't resist. 

There are just some guys you don't touch--even someone as innocent and inexperienced as Ella Shaw knows that. But when her brother's best friend is up for grabs and willing, she can't resist. After all, she's wanted him for years... 

On leave from the army, Tyler Dare is just looking for a little fun, but his best friend's sister is off limits. Yet unable to deny how sexy and alluring she is, he finds it all too easy to succumb to a night of passion and heat that ends the next morning in the worst way possible. 

Now, Ella is stranded on a tropical island with a hurricane bearing down, and only Tyler can save her. It's his chance to make amends for the past and show the woman he's never forgotten that he's coming after her . . . in more ways than one.

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3.5 Stars

I haven't read any previously Dare to Love books in this series, but I was easily able to pick up what was going on and who the characters are in Dare to Take. And now I will be sure to go back and catch up on the rest of the Dare family.

Tyler Dare has been always attracted to his sister's best friend, Ella. But he knew that she was almost like a little sister as she hung around their home when she was younger. As he starting watching her blossom over the the years into a beautiful woman has him rethinking the "almost like a little sister" stance. 

Ella Shaw has practically grew up in the Dare household. Her own family life pretty much sucked, and she loved being part of this family. And crushing on the older Tyler Dare has always been a bonus, but she never took it further until one drunken night when she was eighteen. 

Now years later, Ella finds herself in some trouble and Tyler is there as a favor for his sister to help her out--not that had to be coaxed into helping the beautiful Ella. The attraction and passion between these two is still strong. 

As Tyler spends time protecting Ella, he ends back falling for her all over again and vows to not hurt her again. Between past mistakes, family drama and someone after Ella, has these two struggling to start over. 

Dare to Take is a one steamy and hot read. And Tyler Dare is one dirty-talking, alpha male and I loved everything that came out of his mouth! Looking forward to reading the past books to catch up and hoping to get more on the Dare family!

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