Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ARC Review: Legend (Real #6) by Katy Evans

Maverick “the Avenger” Cage wants to rise to the top and become a legend in the ring. Though he keeps his identity well guarded, he's known on the fighting circuit as the new kid with a chip on his shoulder and a tattoo on his back that marks him as trouble. He's got a personal score to settle with the Underground's one and only Remington "Riptide" Tate.

As Mav trains, he meets a young girl—the only other new person in the town--and sparks fly. When things get heated between them, he finds out she's none other than Reese Dumas, the cousin of Remington Tate’s wife. A girl who's supposed to root against him and a girl he's supposed to stay away from.

But Maverick fights for the woman in his heart, and the monsters in his blood. The world’s eyes are on them and the victor will go down in history as the ultimate fighting champion; the ultimate LEGEND. 

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4.5 stars

I can't tell you how much I loved this book. And I'm absolutely thrilled that Ms. Evans made this book come full circle and ended on a perfect note. After Remy's story, this series went off track for me. But Legend comes back to the world of MMA Underground fights and back with a little of Remy and Brooke too.

Maverick Cage is unknown and looking to become a "legend" inside the world of underground fighting. But no one wants to give him a chance. So far, he's trained on his own and just need someone to open that one door for him to give him a chance.

Reese Dumas is the cousin of Tate's wife, Brooke. Reese is confused with her life, she's always been the quiet and shy type and now she wants to branch out and figure out who she is. She decides to join Tate's team for the summer--it's away from home and on her own (sort of). Reese spends time watching Brooke and Tate's little boy, Racer (I loved this kid), while his parents are working. She also spends a lot of time at the gym. And it's where she first runs into Maverick. These two continue to run into each other and over time, they slowly build a friendship.

Without knowing, Reese helps Maverick out by introducing him to Oz, a washed-up coach with plenty of issues. But Oz is able to get Maverick into the fighting world. As Maverick starts earning his place in the ring, the friendship and attraction between him and Reese can't be denied. But there's a problem...he finds out she's related and with Tate's team. 

Legend is probably my favorite book in this series. As much as I love Remy and Tate, I think that Maverick and Reese are my favorite. For all you Remy fans out there, you will not be disappointed in this book. I'm sad that this series ended, but glad it ended up the way it did. Ms. Evans did a perfect job of giving Remy, Brooke, Maverick and Reese their final happily ever after!

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